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Presentation synopsis:

How far are we from eliminating hepatitis C in Europe?

In 2019, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, in collaboration with WHO Regional Office for Europe, EU and EEA Member States and other key stakeholders, established a system to monitor progress towards global and regional targets for the elimination of hepatitis C in the EU/EEA. Despite the limitations of existing data sources and difficulties arising from the diversity of data and gaps in completeness, the collated information represents an important step towards understanding the priority areas for action and gaps in the national responses to the hepatitis C epidemic, with the collected data highlighting major shortfalls in responses.


Erika Duffell, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Sweden

Erika Dufell is a public health physician specialised in communicable disease control currently based at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control in Stockholm where she is mostly focused on hepatitis.


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