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Presentation synopsis:

Transition of care

There has been a growth in the number of HIV cases among adolescents above the age of 14. Studies have found that a large number of cases face problems when it comes to using ART and the effectiveness of the treatment appears to be lower.

Research has found that some of these adolescents show neurocognitive dysfunctions which could obstruct further treatment and follow-up.

This presentation suggests the further investigation and control of HIV encephalopathy, and the effectiveness of ART in adolescents living with HIV.


Inga Latysheva, Republican clinical hospital of infectious diseases of Ministry of health, Russia

Inga Latysheva is a higher category infectious disease physician, PhD, Deputy Chief Physician of the Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health. She involves in medical care for HIV+ women and children since 2008. She conducts monitoring and supervision of the healthcare facilities for pregnant women and children with HIV infection in the Russian Federation regions, supervises over the modern methods of HIV infection diagnosis, prevention and treatment implementation in the Russian Federation. She is a coordinator of the HIV infection diagnosis and treatment activities for AIDS Prevention and Control Centers in 85 regions of the Russian Federation.

Inga Latysheva is one of the authors of the Russian Ministry of Health’s clinical guidelines: on the HIV infection perinatal transmission prevention, on HIV infection treatment in adults and children, and Standards of medical care for HIV infection for children.


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