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Positive Art Exhibition 2021

The European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) is throwing a spotlight on the creative work of people living with HIV in a virtual exhibition at the 18th European AIDS Conference in London, October 27-30, 2021.

Artists living with HIV have submitted their work (drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, short movies) and the 10 selected artists and their work are displayed below. During the Conference, delegates voted for their favorite pieces.  

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Positive Art Exhibition: 

1st place: Trandafir Bogdan Adrian: Care for Life

2nd place: IUrii Guda: To take root

3rd place: Joe David: CAT (with Walter Walrus)

First place: 1,500 EUR

Second place: 1,000 EUR

Third place: 500 EUR

Trandafir Bogdan Adrian

1st Place: Trandafir Bogdan Adrian, Care for Life

Trandafir Bogdan Adrian, Half of Story

IUrii Guda

2nd place: IUrii Guda, To take root

IUrii Guda, Barrier

IUrii Guda 3, Hide

Joe David

The films were conceived, edited and produced for MENRUS.CO.UK.

The artist is a volunteer for the Gay Men's Health Collective.

3rd place: Joe David, CAT (Animation by Walter Walrus)


Adrienne Seed

Adrienne Seed 1: Biohazard 2020

54x64cm acrylic on canvas

Adrienne Seed 3: PTSD The Poisoned Parrot

70x90cm oil on canvas

Azri Yusof

Penumpang- A Short Film of HIV from Malaysia

The story is about an argument between a young husband & wife after attending the brother's graduation day.

Bore Ivanoff

Bore Ivanoff 1: Destine Eternity

Oil and industrial paints on linen

Bore Ivanoff 2: Paris Realism

Huile sur lin

Bore Ivanoff 3: Pop Eiffel

Huile sur lin

Ivan Cartwright

Ivan Cartwright 1: Reclining Nude

Ivan Cartwright 2: Still Life

Ivan Cartwright 3: Standing Nude

Jeanne Destree

Jeanne Destree 1: The crisis of the announcement. 

Jeanne Destree 2: Before HIV

Jeanne Destree 3: Living with HIV

Luca Modesti


Short comic story about U=U.

Philipp Spiegel

Philipp Spiegel 1: Sense

Philipp Spiegel 2: Scents

Philipp Spiegel 3: Self-Portrait I

We thank all artists for submitting their beautiful work! 

*By participating in the art exhibition, the artists have declared consent that the EACS may exhibit the submitted artistic work free of charge on the EACS Congress websites together with sub- or associated sites, on the Society websites if applicable, as well as on various social media platforms (Youtube, etc.) and make it visible to visitors to the websites during a period from 27 October 2021 to 3 January 2022.


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